Also suffer from lack of space?

Life in the big city. Fun, lots of interesting people, lots of interesting things to do and see, but houses and apartments are often small and narrow. You’d like to furnish your house in a modern, attractive way but there’s not enough room. Recognize the problem? Prejudice A sofa bed is the perfect solution but what goes through your head when you think of sofa beds? Maybe you remember this: You’re in a dusty, messy back room. The room is full of old stuff nobody wants and in the middle of the room there’s narrow single bed covered with a thin mattress.

Surprising and innovative; The Sofa bed and the Wall bed

In our last blog we mentioned the misconceptions about sofa beds and made a list of the advantages of buying a sofa bed. Who doesn’t want their guests to sleep in a comfortable bed? In this blog we will write more about sofa beds and the different ways to create the perfect living/sleeping space. The next generation sofa bed Sofa beds have improved a lot over the past two decades. These days, sofa beds are stylish and modern. There is a sofa bed for every style and living situation.

A small house furnish as efficiently as possible

Furnishing a small room, apartment or house can be quite challenging. How do you make the most of the available space? You are probably familiar with sofa beds and turn up beds as good alternatives for saving space, but have you ever considered wall beds? A wall bed is one of the most efficient ways to create more room in small spaces. Why choose a wall bed? Wall beds are very popular. Unlike a sofa bed, which is also used for sitting, wall beds create more space because the bed is cleared away completely. That is why wall beds are becoming increasingly popular for everyday use in small, modern apartments.

Where should I look for when I buy a new couch?

Is the sofa bed going to be used daily or occasionally when guests stay over? In which room will you put it? Will it be used as sofa in the living room, or is it better to put it in the attic, study or guest room? If it’s going to slept on regularly, it has to be a comfortable. A sofa bed is the perfect solution if you don’t want to give up too much space. If you decide to buy a sofa bed there are a number of questions you have to ask yourself. For instance, how often will the bed be used, how big is the sofa bed, and what colour or material do you prefer? Daily or occasional use? These day, the quality of sofa beds is so high that they can be slept on every night without any problems. If you only want to use the bed occasionally, there are plenty of sofa beds that are extremely comfortable to sit on and also have a bed and mattress suitable for guests that want to stay over.

3 Tips for furnishing a small bedroom or guest room

It can be quite a challenge: Arranging a small bedroom or guest room in a way that leaves enough space to move without tripping over something. In this blog we’ll show you three ways to help you achieve this as efficiently as possible. Tip 1: Keep it simple Light colours work best in small rooms because they make spaces appear larger. White, beige or (light) grey walls, bedcovers, wardrobes and floors always work well. Do you prefer darker colours? Use them in pillows, candles and other accessories.
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